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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why Is Religion Being Taught In Public Schools?

The following is an essay written by my brother-in-law - Brian L. I think it's an excellent article and - needless to say - I agree with it wholeheartedly !!

I consider myself blessed that my husband has such a wonderful sister, and that her husband is great too! Read on and enjoy !!!


It is unbelievable to think that after all the hype about separation of
church and state that religion is being taught to our children in OUR public
schools! This is not just a local problem, but nationwide. I am disgusted that our children are being forced into a belief system and tested on it regularly. What happened to teaching our children about facts?

English, math, chemistry, music, geography, provable history, provable biology, provable geology, and provable science. This is what I want my child to be taught! The word provable is used on school topics where our children are being educated in ”facts” that cannot be proven as absolute and indisputable and where beliefs are instead being taught. Religion and beliefs are something that should be taught in homes and at churches, NOT at public schools! ALL religion needs to be removed from public schools and that includes the religion of evolution.

When I refer to evolution in this article I am referring to macro-evolution, not micro-evolution. If you think evolution is not a religion, consider the following: The theory of evolution is being taught as factual science. True science is the ability to prove a theory through present day experimentation and the ability to repeat the experimentation resulting in the same indisputable proof. Historical science, such as the teaching of supposed events and evidences that may have occurred 60 million
years ago, or even 6 thousand years ago cannot be scientifically proven today.

Evolution is a belief system of how the universe was created and how everything in the world today came into being. Evolution is as much a religion as creation, and the teaching of this religion in public schools needs to stop! Teaching my child in biology that we all evolved from monkeys over millions of years, when there is no provable evidence of this, needs to stop! Teaching my child in geology that the earth was formed over billions of years, when there is no provable evidence of this, needs to stop! Teaching my child in history that dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years
ago and became extinct because of a giant meteor, when there is no provable evidence of this, needs to stop! You can teach my child about plate tech-tonics, and how it all works, but leave out the ”fact” that it took millions of years for the mountains to form or for the continents to drift, when there is absolutely no provable evidence of this!

If you still don't think evolution is a religion, then show me a scientist or a paleontologist or a geologist that can prove, beyond any doubt, that evolution is fact. You won't find any. I can show you several scientists, paleontologists, and geologists that have an equal amount of educational letters behind their names that can show that the evidence presented in the world today points towards creation, and not evolution. It all depends on your point of view from the beginning.

Many of the evolutionary theories that were taught as fact last year have been proven to be false this year and many of the modified evolutionary theories taught as fact this year will be proven false next year. This has been going on for years and years, since the invention of the theory of evolution. So called scientific proofs to the religion of evolution such as carbon dating and other radiometric dating methods are built on assumptions that cannot be indisputably proven. Many other methods of
dating are built on circular logic such as a historical scientist who claims that a fossil is so many millions of years old based on the rock layer that it is found in, and then turn around and claim that the rock is so many millions of years old based on the fossils that are found in that rock's ridiculous! Historical scientists are constantly arguing amongst one another as to whose theory is correct, in a similar way that some theologians argue amongst one another as to whose “interpretation” of the bible is correct.

The main difference, as far as evolution or creation being taught in schools, between a historical scientist and a theologian is that the public's perception towards a theologian is that his beliefs are based on religion and the public's perception towards a historical scientist is that his beliefs are based on fact through scientific proof. A historical scientist cannot prove his beliefs any more than a theologian can. It is all religion.

It is wrong for schools to force teachers to teach evolution. This only discredits the teacher because I have to tell my child that what was taught regarding evolution is only that teacher's belief and that our belief differs from his/hers. I try to educate my child that the teacher is still a good teacher and that most of what is being taught is correct and factual, but what message is this really sending to my child? How is my child going to respond to this teacher now that the teacher is giving religious opinion at times instead of provable fact? It's not fair to the teacher or the student.

I am not writing this to say that evolutionists are wrong and that creationists are right, although my personal opinion is clear, this is not the point I am trying to get
across. If you want to believe in evolution, then that is your free will, or if you want to believe in creation, that is also up to you, or if you want to believe in a combination of both, then that is your decision to make. The point I am trying to make is that neither evolution nor creation can be absolutely proven as fact and that both rely on a belief system, making both of them religions, and as the public has made very clear, religion should not be taught in public schools!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Cell Phones Rock!

I got a cell phone! Welcome to the 21st Century Heidi Sue !!!

I know - it's past time. We've had a "family" cell phone for a couple of years now - it became a necessity while we were building our house and Ken was at the worksite all the time and we needed to communicate. Also - Ken having the cell phone about 90% of the time was just fine, I didn't have much need for it.

But hey - we got an offer we just couldn't refuse. (Shameless plug here for "Alltel"). We got a better plan with more features, more minutes at the same price we were paying - which was already a good deal, a very basic/cheap plan - no sparkly extras or anything. PLUS - we can call each other without having it count against our minutes - we can call home for "free" and long-distance - and anyone else on the Alltel plan - - yadda yadda yadda - AND we added my new phone for an additional $10 per month.

Not to mention the fact that I chose the cheapest phone I could! A whopping $40 phone - but heck - it has everything I need - and I like it! With any luck - if the cell phones work out well at home - we'll eventually (the sooner the better - we are trying to save money for an adoption you know) get rid of our "regular" phone line and use just the cell phones. If we're able to do that, we'll save money every month !! An added bonus!

I already downloaded my own special ring-tone! The Battle Hymn Of The Republic - hee hee. So now, anytime my phone rings - I feel like marching!! So, I'm making a statement with every call that rings through!

But, don't worry, I'm going to try to practice good cell phone etiquette. More about that later!

Just thought I'd share.

Peter Jennings

He's blatently liberal - he editorializes shamelessly - and I can't count the number of times I've turned the channel because I thought I'd blow a gasket just watching him. In fact, I don't remember the last time I watched ABC News World News Tonight.

But, Peter Jennings' recent announcement that he has lung cancer made me remember that even liberals who make me nuts need prayer too. (OK, actually I felt ashamed when I realized that liberals are probably in more need of prayer than others - and I should really remember that and act on it!)

The truth is - I wouldn't wish lung cancer on anyone. My Aunt Linda died of lung cancer, and it was a relentless, unforgiving monster.

So, the only thing I want to say about Peter Jennings is that I hope he beats this, and I will pray for him. And - if he doesn't beat this? I'll pray that he is truly saved - a born-again Christian - so that at least he'll have something wonderful in store for him.

I'll still get ticked off if I watch him though - unless he converts to conservatism!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Creepy Lawyers and Greedy Husbands

Am I the only one who thinks that Michael (The Murderer) Schiavo's lawyer, George Felos, is completely, totally, disgustingly - creepy? I think he could step right into an undertaker's role (no offense intended to undertakers). Seriously - every time I saw this man on T.V. - I got the creeps. You know - that kind of shivery, can't help but stare, kind of almost gagging feeling you get when you look upon something that's really awful?! I'm not just commenting on his looks - that would be shallow! I'm talking about his demeanor, his posture, his expressions, and the way he articulated himself. Maybe he's just so evil that he can't help but have it ooze out despite his best efforts. So happy he's had his 15 minutes and is almost out of our hair!

Now - on to Michael (The Murderer) Schiavo. I pity the person gullible enough to think that this man isn't going to profit handsomely from this travesty. Oh sure, he has turned down money, yadda yadda yadda. But, let's think about this for a second. Where does the big money come into play? After the fact. That's right folks. MTM (Mike the Murderer) couldn't really profit from his sick position until after he had tortured his wife to her death. Movie deals, book deals, speaking engagements - now he can finally cash in. I wonder if we'll hear about the millions, likely the tens of millions, this man makes on the back of his dead wife. My goodness, I'd be a little wary if I were the current Mrs. Schiavo. (I know - it's not "official" - but you all know who I'm referring to).

Erring On The Side Of Death

Apparently we have entered a new era. An era of state-sponsored death (actually judiciary-sponsored). An era where the judiciary in America borders on tyranny. An era where we can be "forced" to live, and not "permitted" to die.

We are now in an era where murder is a "family matter", and others decide whether or not a person has a good enough quality of life. We have permitted a woman - who was NOT dying - to be murdered by starvation and dehydration.

And I say WE very emphatically. When evil occurs, it occurs because we have allowed it to. We have not stood up for what is right, what is moral, and what is true - for what God would have us do. And, as in the case of Terri Schindler (Schiavo), when we finally do attempt to right a travesty - it's too late.

I'm going to be blunt here. How can anyone who calls themselves a Christian honestly say that the death of Terri Schindler (Schiavo) was anything short of murder? This isn't complicated people - she was not dying - there is absolutely no one who can accurately tell us what she could or could not feel, see, think, experience - her husband (so-called) was a monster - and he got away with murder.

If a woman were to have a healthy baby, then deliberately withhold food and water from that baby for two weeks - her actions would put her in jail. Period. Then again, how can we expect a society who allows the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies - and yet can turn around and convict a person of two murders when he murders a pregnant woman - how can we expect such a hypocritical society to draw any distinctions?

I am sick and tired of everyone's "right to choose". Right to choose what? Murder of an unborn baby? (abortion) Murder of a catastrophically injured person? (Terri Schindler (Schiavo)) We
have evolved into a country so liberal as to allow people to "choose" a variety of things that are purely evil.

Watch your backs everyone - give 'em an inch, and they'll take a mile - not to mention a life.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Isn't It Ironic? Coma patient speaks & Florida Judge approves abortion for 13-year-old

Two recent news stories caught my eye - and tickled my funny bone. I wonder how many other people think some recent events are as ironic as I think they are.

First - once again a Florida judge rules on the side of death. They're really in a rut down there aren't they? Apparently the mentally-deficient Florida judge thought it wise to once again circumvent Florida law. For, although the misguided 13-year-old thought it would be a good idea to kill her baby - Florida law prohibited it. Apparently the ACLU in that neck of the woods carries a lot of weight - because they made a little fuss - and the judge fell right into line.

Secondly - a firefighter from the state of New York spoke yesterday. Obviously that's not big news. What is big news is that this man, who was injured 10 years ago while fighting a fire, has endured a decade of near-total silence. Here is the even more ironic twist to this story, according to his doctor:

``He was almost like in the persistent vegetative coma state, and suddenly this thing happened,'' the doctor said.
Are we catching the irony in these two stories yet folks?

I wonder if the judge who decided to murder the unborn child of a 13-year-old child gave it a moment's thought when he heard about it. Probably not, because it seems that these Florida judges have quite a difficult time following even the easiest connect-the-dots. I figure that this judge is good buddies with the judge in the Terri Schindler (Schiavo) travesty/tragedy. If they aren't buddies, they should be - talk about like-mindedness.

The law in the state of Florida was incredibly clear on this question. But, once again, just as in the Schindler (Schiavo) case - the judge decides to become a law unto himself by completely circumventing existing law.

As for the man in New York? I'll bet he's glad that his wife wasn't good buddies with Michael Schiavo, because goodness knows if he'd have even been around to start talking after 10 years of silence! Personally - I think he was able to hear and assimilate the news - even when he was in his "persistent vegetative coma state" - and wanted to give us all a good dose of irony.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Spouse Fishing - A New Sport (Caution - Graphic Photos)

On a warm summer evening, August 26, 2004, Ken and his wonderful, adoring, sweet wife decided to go fishing at the cottage. (For the record: it was Ken's idea!!) Ken had worked hard all week and had worked especially hard this day to be able to get home in time to take his (fillet-of) sole mate fishing. If only they'd known . . . .

After a discussion about new seating arrangements - Ken being gracious about Heidi's insistence they sit "right" - even though he felt a bit crowded into the back of the boat - - they set out in the small fishing boat, with studly Ken at the oars. They laughed, enjoyed the beautiful balmy weather, and - they - fished. It was the perfect evening, spent in communion with each other, and the lake. (Can't you just picture it?) Pictures of record bass and pike danced in their heads. Ken was hoping to land at least one biggie, and not get out-fished by his wife - again!

Ken, with perhaps extrasensory perception, at one point said to Heidi: "Every time you cast I'm worried you're going to get me". And Heidi, blissfully unaware, and oh-so-about-to-reap-what-she-sows replied (she was a bit offended you see - that her husband would think she could be so clumsy . . ): "Well that's ignorant" and then she skillfully cast her lure into Rainbow Lake's bountiful waters once more.

Ken noticed that her latest cast after her "ignorant" comment seemed rather close to his head (one clue being the droplet of water on his glasses) . . . but, trusting (self-preservationist) soul that he was, he didn't comment. Woe that he didn't (I think we all know where this story is going . . ) - the very next expert flick of Heidi's wrist - caught her the BIG ONE!

Ken, seeing the tip of Heidi's pole coming toward him, and then feeling the bite of her treble hook lure in his head, and not having time enough to scream bloody murder before she ended her backswing and began the fateful throw toward shore . . . just sat in stoic silence. Heidi, on the other hand, having heard a funny noise (the noise was the sound of the lure embedding itself into Ken's head, and the 10 lb. test fishing line snapping when pulled violently between the fishing pole and Ken's scalp. . . ) noticed that her lure hadn't seemed to hit the water, turned back toward Ken and asked: "What happened?" (What lighting quick reflexes huh?). Ken, to his everlasting credit, very calmly said "Your lure is in my head".

Yes, Heidi had managed to catch a 72" sucker on Rainbow Lake.

After examining the lure and determining that two of the three hooks on the treble hook lure were too deeply embedded in Ken's head to try to remove while in the boat, the loving couple set out back to the cottage. Adding insult to embedded-hook-in-the-head injury - - Ken (work-through-the-trauma-stud-muffin) managed to row the boat all the way back to the cottage (note to family: trolling motor wanted). Macho man that he is, Ken wanted to simply rip the hook out of his head - but cooler heads (ha ha) prevailed, and Heidi convinced him that perhaps they should consult a medical expert - to avoid ripping two large copiously bleeding holes in his scalp.

The "cut-the-hook-and-pull-it-through-Ken's-scalp" method was also discussed, and - luckily - discarded. They put away the fateful fishing gear and set off for the med center, Heidi's Lucky Lure swinging happily from the left side of Ken's head.

It wouldn't have been so bad had Heidi not had to look at Ken - but alas, every time she glanced at him during the drive to civilization, the hypnotic swaying of the fish lure hanging from Ken's head caused her untold feelings of guilt!

The only good part of their trip to the Med Center was that the lure was dangling on the side away from the window, so as not to scare motorists and young children. Luckily, the lure was so deeply caught in Ken's handsome noggin, that the holes were plugged by the hooks and there was virtually no blood!

They called Heidi's Mom - who, after catching her breath from the laughter, suggested they ask Suzette, trusty sister, where to go - and she advised them to go to the Med Center at Plainfield and Northland Drive (good call by the way - a wonderful med center - clean, friendly and quick!)

Wasting precious cell minutes waiting for Suzette to quit laughing, she agreed to meet the ill-fated couple at the med center, with her digital camera. The fishing excursion tragedy would now be recorded for posterity (and proof, and for future story-telling to the kids and grandkids should Ken be fortunate enough to survive his angling experience before he adopted).

Meanwhile, the poor unsuspecting med center personnel innocently asked Ken when he walked (under his own steam might I add) to their desk: "How can we help you?" to which Ken so cleverly replied: "Well, I have a problem . . . " and proceeded to turn his head to offer them the spectacular "fish-lure-completely-embedded-in-scalp" view. (It was obvious they were too professional to actually laugh out loud, but we're willing to bet their families got a kick out of the story when they got home!)

Ken's temperature and blood pressure being - surprisingly - normal - we awaited the doctor. Suddenly, we spot a familiar Toyota 4-Runner entering the parking lot! Suzette had arrived with the digital camera. Ken and Heidi made sure she was sitting down for her first glimpse of Ken's new jewelry (they were worried she might fall down, her legs giving out during her bout of laughter). Suzette didn't disappoint, she was her cheerful, happy self, gleefully celebrating Ken's new foray into "let's-start-a-new-piercing" trend!

After much fanfare and picture taking they all trooped into the Med Center to the operating theatre and the good doctor. After agreeing to pay the doctor 1% in royalties from any prize money won from a contest (do they have an "I-Can't-Believe-My-Wife-Did-This-To-Me-Funniest-Home-Pictures" contest?) he asked Ken to lie down and proceeded to remove the hook. Ken, swearing that the numbing needle speared into his head for at least six inches, was very cooperative!

The doctor was also cooperative since pullitzer-prize-winning-photographer Suzette was snapping away during the whole procedure! (The close ups are particularly fascinating).

Lucky for the happy couple, the doctor agreed that it was smart they hadn't simply ripped the hook out, and hadn't tried to cut the hooks and pass them through Ken's scalp.

Taking a scalpel and trying to remove each of the two hooks, the doctor operated beautifully! He dodged and weaved as Ken's head moved because he was talking non-stop - and Heidi, the dutiful wife stood by his side laying a comforting (non-pole-wielding) hand on him to console him.

Lickety-split, the hook was out - Ken had two stitches sewing closed the two holes in his scalp and he was cleared for take-off once more! The doctor - after giving the usual advice and precautions - bade them a fond farewell.

Oh - and the lucky lure? The #1 Mepps? Heidi made sure they didn't harm it, and is debating whether or not the hooks are still sharp enough to land another big one. Then again - - - it's doubtful she'll be able to hook into another 72" sucker, so they might as well keep the hook for evidentiary purposes.