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Thursday, April 28, 2005

Why Is Religion Being Taught In Public Schools?

The following is an essay written by my brother-in-law - Brian L. I think it's an excellent article and - needless to say - I agree with it wholeheartedly !!

I consider myself blessed that my husband has such a wonderful sister, and that her husband is great too! Read on and enjoy !!!


It is unbelievable to think that after all the hype about separation of
church and state that religion is being taught to our children in OUR public
schools! This is not just a local problem, but nationwide. I am disgusted that our children are being forced into a belief system and tested on it regularly. What happened to teaching our children about facts?

English, math, chemistry, music, geography, provable history, provable biology, provable geology, and provable science. This is what I want my child to be taught! The word provable is used on school topics where our children are being educated in ”facts” that cannot be proven as absolute and indisputable and where beliefs are instead being taught. Religion and beliefs are something that should be taught in homes and at churches, NOT at public schools! ALL religion needs to be removed from public schools and that includes the religion of evolution.

When I refer to evolution in this article I am referring to macro-evolution, not micro-evolution. If you think evolution is not a religion, consider the following: The theory of evolution is being taught as factual science. True science is the ability to prove a theory through present day experimentation and the ability to repeat the experimentation resulting in the same indisputable proof. Historical science, such as the teaching of supposed events and evidences that may have occurred 60 million
years ago, or even 6 thousand years ago cannot be scientifically proven today.

Evolution is a belief system of how the universe was created and how everything in the world today came into being. Evolution is as much a religion as creation, and the teaching of this religion in public schools needs to stop! Teaching my child in biology that we all evolved from monkeys over millions of years, when there is no provable evidence of this, needs to stop! Teaching my child in geology that the earth was formed over billions of years, when there is no provable evidence of this, needs to stop! Teaching my child in history that dinosaurs roamed the earth millions of years
ago and became extinct because of a giant meteor, when there is no provable evidence of this, needs to stop! You can teach my child about plate tech-tonics, and how it all works, but leave out the ”fact” that it took millions of years for the mountains to form or for the continents to drift, when there is absolutely no provable evidence of this!

If you still don't think evolution is a religion, then show me a scientist or a paleontologist or a geologist that can prove, beyond any doubt, that evolution is fact. You won't find any. I can show you several scientists, paleontologists, and geologists that have an equal amount of educational letters behind their names that can show that the evidence presented in the world today points towards creation, and not evolution. It all depends on your point of view from the beginning.

Many of the evolutionary theories that were taught as fact last year have been proven to be false this year and many of the modified evolutionary theories taught as fact this year will be proven false next year. This has been going on for years and years, since the invention of the theory of evolution. So called scientific proofs to the religion of evolution such as carbon dating and other radiometric dating methods are built on assumptions that cannot be indisputably proven. Many other methods of
dating are built on circular logic such as a historical scientist who claims that a fossil is so many millions of years old based on the rock layer that it is found in, and then turn around and claim that the rock is so many millions of years old based on the fossils that are found in that rock's ridiculous! Historical scientists are constantly arguing amongst one another as to whose theory is correct, in a similar way that some theologians argue amongst one another as to whose “interpretation” of the bible is correct.

The main difference, as far as evolution or creation being taught in schools, between a historical scientist and a theologian is that the public's perception towards a theologian is that his beliefs are based on religion and the public's perception towards a historical scientist is that his beliefs are based on fact through scientific proof. A historical scientist cannot prove his beliefs any more than a theologian can. It is all religion.

It is wrong for schools to force teachers to teach evolution. This only discredits the teacher because I have to tell my child that what was taught regarding evolution is only that teacher's belief and that our belief differs from his/hers. I try to educate my child that the teacher is still a good teacher and that most of what is being taught is correct and factual, but what message is this really sending to my child? How is my child going to respond to this teacher now that the teacher is giving religious opinion at times instead of provable fact? It's not fair to the teacher or the student.

I am not writing this to say that evolutionists are wrong and that creationists are right, although my personal opinion is clear, this is not the point I am trying to get
across. If you want to believe in evolution, then that is your free will, or if you want to believe in creation, that is also up to you, or if you want to believe in a combination of both, then that is your decision to make. The point I am trying to make is that neither evolution nor creation can be absolutely proven as fact and that both rely on a belief system, making both of them religions, and as the public has made very clear, religion should not be taught in public schools!