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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Deep what?

Only in America - land of the free - home of the brave - can they (the ever-ready libs) hail someone as a hero who committed several felonies.

So - W. Mark Felt - former FBI bigshot - is now the man of the hour. I guess it just goes to show that if you wait long enough - the feel-good liberals will find a way to justify your actions. Now that I think about it - of course the liberal media is eager to justify this criminal's actions - because in doing so - they're justifying their own actions. Convenient isn't it.

I get as many warm-fuzzies as the next person when it comes to 93-year old men who can speak their mind and aren't afraid to do so. My Grandpa was one of them. But then again, Grandpa wasn't a felon who betrayed the office he held with an agency whose task is to protect our nation.

It's all in your perspective? Wrong. Don't let time and liberals distort this story.

Monday, May 30, 2005

2005 - Memorial Day - Our House

We spent a few hours today planting. This weekend we hit a sale and got quite a few "landscape" plants - things like grasses - rhododendron - a japanese weeping maple - and many other things, the names of which I can't remember at the moment.

With ANY luck - these little buggers will do well. I don't have the best track record when it comes to plants - but time will tell. Right now, things look a bit sparse - but all of what we have planted thus far are perennials - and by definition they should keep coming back - RIGHT?

Ken worked so hard to amend the soil correctly (hopefully) and dig and plant and water. I was hard at work supervising! So, the creative vision was mine - and it will be my failure if these buggers don't do well where we put them! If only a little of my Dad's green thumb would rub off on me!

Ken also planted a bunch of tomato plants and sunflower seeds by the fence at the end of the driveway - we're crossing our fingers on that one too!

Thanks Honey - for all your hard work - and for a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

2005 - May 30 - First major planting

Memorial Day - Front of House

Memorial Day - Plantings

Sunday, May 22, 2005

22 May 2005 - The Driveway !

22 May 2005 - Looking Down The Finished Driveway!

I promised more pictures - and here they are. This is the view looking toward the street - old (a few weeks old) meet new driveway! Isn't it gorgeous?

I have to get some pictures of the lines in the driveway - I cut them. (OK - Dad would start the line at the edge - but for the most part - I got to do the cutting). Quite a cool little machine that concrete cutter - but LOUD !

I know - I know - there's not much here that's of interest to the world - but there are a few people in our little world who will enjoy beautiful shots of our driveway!!!

Thank you again Dad - Ken - Paul - - the driveway is beautiful - and parking in the garage again is a genuine pleasure : )

Friday, May 20, 2005

A Perfect Day To Pour Concrete!

Another driveway perspective.

Today was a gorgeous day - 72 degrees and sunny. So - what could make the day even better? Finally getting the rest of our driveway poured! Dad, Paul and husband Ken showed up this afternoon and poured about 19 yards of concrete. Just in case you're wondering - that's a 38-yard total concrete driveway! No asphalt for us - no way!

I have to say, it's been a bit embarrassing around the old sub-division lately. I'm married to a cement man - and yet we were the only ones without a driveway!! Well, that situation has been rectified. Now, don't misunderstand me - I understand perfectly that when you do cement work for a living - priorities are vitally important. But holy smokes - I am so happy that we won't be tracking sand into the garage and house any more!

So - thank you Dad, thank you Paul, and thank you Sweetheart for finishing the driveway - it looks excellent.

(More pictures to come)

Dad floats - Ken levels - Paul moves it - this is how to pour a driveway!

Our driveway ! Yayyyy! (Dad and Paul)

Michigan's Best Lilac Bush

Ready - Set - Inhale!

I just wanted to show the world what I think is the most beautiful lilac bush ever! This lilac bush was planted by my Grandma - about 70 years ago! Talk about an heirloom plant! Ken and I want to take some seedlings from beneath the bush and transplant them - but we were told by several people that we need to wait until deep winter to do this - that way we won't "shock" the plant. So be it - but come January or so - I'm going to be out there! We'll plant some at Mom & Dad's, Ken's folks' house, etc. - that way - hopefully - this gorgeous bush will live on indefinitely. And the smell - oh wow - it's intoxicating! Thank you God for making things like these.

I love this lilac bush - can you smell it from where you are?

The Most Amazing Lilac Bush In Michigan