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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Deep what?

Only in America - land of the free - home of the brave - can they (the ever-ready libs) hail someone as a hero who committed several felonies.

So - W. Mark Felt - former FBI bigshot - is now the man of the hour. I guess it just goes to show that if you wait long enough - the feel-good liberals will find a way to justify your actions. Now that I think about it - of course the liberal media is eager to justify this criminal's actions - because in doing so - they're justifying their own actions. Convenient isn't it.

I get as many warm-fuzzies as the next person when it comes to 93-year old men who can speak their mind and aren't afraid to do so. My Grandpa was one of them. But then again, Grandpa wasn't a felon who betrayed the office he held with an agency whose task is to protect our nation.

It's all in your perspective? Wrong. Don't let time and liberals distort this story.